Monthly Archives: May 2015

School’s Out! (Almost)

Summer is right around the corner! We are one month away from everyone’s favorite season and now the countdown begins, who is excited? But the real question is, what are everyone’s plans for summer 2015?

We roamed around Staten Island Academy, searching for the hottest summer plans. Of course everyone is exciting for the hot weather, the days by the pool, and the sound of the ice cream trucks, but some people are going beyond just that. Freshman Taylor T. says, “I am going to Italy with my entire family! We are traveling along the Amalfi Coast for 12 days!”. When Taylor returns, she is playing in a summer basketball league in the Berry Homes for her coach Rose Bruno. She seems to be very excited to see what this summer brings her.

Sophomore Manhal H., on the other hand, is taking a more educational approach on his summer. “I am working at the Insititute of Basic Resarch,” Manhal tells us. “I will be studying in the department of genetics and I will also be taking drivers ed. Later on in the summer, I will be playing summer baseball at South Shore Babe Ruth, and preparing myself for the intense AP’s I will be taking as a junior.”

Junior Jonathon K. was thrilled to share his awesome summer plans with us as well. The very excited Jonathon said, “I am traveling to Greece for 14 days. This is my first time traveling to Greece and I’m excited for this new experience.” When Jonathon returns from his trip, he will be working at the Staten Island Academy Day camp, where he grew up. He loves working there because he loves being around all his friends. Also, Jonathon is turning 17 over the summer and will hopefully be receiving his driver’s license, so clear the roads!

If you don’t have anything planned for summer yet, just remember it’s never too late to sign up for a camp or go on a weekend getaway. Good-bye school, hello summer!


By Romy F. ’17 and Julia K. ’17