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It’s Time to Go

By: Andrew B.

Lately, it seems like no can arrive to class on time. Whether it is new teachers still learning the system, seasoned teachers getting lost in their lesson plans, or students simply socializing in the halls, lateness has gotten worse. I personally have been late to classes, breaks, free periods, and even lunch! When kept past dismissal, it not only affects kids, but the parents who pick them up, bus drivers, coaches running a practice, or the fall drama rehearsals. In almost all of my classes a teacher has, on at least one occasion, questioned the lateness or the whereabouts of a student. The student’s reply is usually the same: “Oh, I was in XYZ class and Mr. or Ms. A kept us late.” Teachers will normally encourage students to speak up if the teacher is keeping students past the dismissal time, but most students are uncomfortable with the notion of informing a teacher infused in their own lesson that class is over.

Although some of the time lateness to a class is due to a teacher being stranded in an ancient civilization, forming a creative story, lost in a song, fighting through an epic historical battle, or in the midst of a science experiment, several occasions occur when it is indeed a student’s fault. Students’ socialization causes lateness majorly during the period after break and the period after lunch. They’re hyped up on sugar, in a club meeting, playing basketball, or simply losing track of time while making memories with friends. I can honestly say that I have arrived to a class late, or with just seconds to spare, due to my own chattiness. It’s easy to lose track of time when talking to a friend, just as easy as it is for a teacher to lose track of time while teaching what they love.


Despite lateness due to a teacher’s enthusiasm or a student’s social life, we have a solution to this problem and it goes “BRRRRRRINGGGGGGG!” A bell would not only take the pressure off students reminding a teacher when class is over, but it would also prompt students when they have to put the conversation on hold and pick up their books. It would put an end to students arguing that class ends at 10:25, not 10:30 so they gain an extra five minutes during break, and it would keep the flow of our seven period days running smoothly. Let’s face it no one wants to be late to their AP classes or miss the beginning of a class. No one wants to be reprimanded by a teacher. No one wants to be locked out of Lab B by Mr. Ahern! The schedule has allotted times frames for each class for a reason and a bell would help us stay on that schedule. Although no one wants to hear a bell go off at 8:30 in the morning, it’s worth the endurance if it means never being late to a class again.

Academy Day: All About the Family

By: John H.

On Saturday, October 10th, Staten Island Academy hosted many families from Staten Island to join us as we held our annual Academy Day. The day was filled with lots of fun and laughs as we cheered on our Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer Teams as well as our Varsity Girls’ Tennis Team. Our girls’ tennis team defeated St. Joseph Hill with a 4-1 win with the help of two “singles wins” from senior, Jill A, and junior, Allie G, along with two “double wins” from the team of Megan S and Romy F, and the team of Iris L and Rizia L. Boys’ soccer defeated Martin Luther, 3-1, with Mike K scoring 2 goals. The girls’ soccer team fought back from an early deficit to draw a tie against Berkley Carroll, thanks to a late goal from Taylor T. After all our current athletes had played it was time for the annual Alumni Soccer Game. The game featured alumni of all ages who proved that even though their soccer careers may have ended, they still had a few good moves.

The Sugar Shack
The Sugar Shack

Aside from sporting events, carnival rides were held for children, and of course, the very popular dunk tank was back for another year. Although the lack of water in the dunk tank took away from some of the fun, it was still a favorite for the kids. While games, sporting events, and food were a major part of the day, family was made it truly spectacular. Academy students of all ages interacted with each other. Many students had come back to show the pride they have in being known as Staten Island Academy alum. Raffles were drawn, prizes were won, and photos were taken, yet the most popular ride of the day was having the privilege to go on someone’s Segway. Although it looks rather easy, this author fell off it after two seconds! Service was also a driving force of the success of the day. From the oldest member of our community to the youngest student, everyone lent a hand. The entire Academy family helped out in making the day such a triumph from selling food to promoting She’s The First to manning the very popular “Sugar Shack.” It was great to see everyone come together to make a huge impact. Academy Day embodied what being a SIA Tiger is all about: coming together as a family.

SAC Day Fun

By: Maxine V.

Ribbons, balloons, streamers, and posters everywhere! It was like a scene straight out of a movie. People were cheering relentlessly and the spirit was truly amazing. Everyone was counting down the hours until 1:00pm, when the first SAC Day of the year would begin. Since the sixth grade, I’ve been seeing pictures and hearing exciting stories from SAC Day. I couldn’t control my excitement as I was finally going to be a part of all the action. I walked into the gym with the crowd, surrounded by posters representing the five different houses. Faces were covered with paint and there was glitter from floor to ceiling of the gym. Anyone who walked in there could sense the enthusiasm immediately.

The first big event was the penalty kicks. Houses crowded around their team player and cheered for either the player or their goalie. The intensity was so high, that with every goal and save, the gym erupted in screams. Each house was competing not only for first place in the events, but also competing to accumulate as many spirit points as they possibly could. In my opinion, the most exciting competition was knockout. About thirty of the school’s best basketball players gathered and the game was amazing to watch. All I could see were basketballs swishing through the hoop; a shot rarely missed. The last few minutes were the most exciting. It was “do or die,” and I could’ve sworn about twenty shots were made in a row. I looked around the gym from my view at the top of the bleachers and smiled at the pure excitement filling the room.

SAC Day Basketball Knockout
SAC Day Basketball Knockout

Other activities included musical chairs, three-legged races, and the first ever pie-eating contest, where people shamelessly stuffed their faces in plates full of whip cream and chocolate. That activity was one that everyone, including myself, found to be hilarious! It was so great to see the whole upper school come together as one for a friendly competition. Partington House was the winner with 100 points, while my house, Methfessel, followed closely with 80. All in all, SAC Day exceeded every expectation. All those years of waiting to be a part of it were well worth it! I look forward to having seven more exciting SAC Days in my high school career.