It’s Time to Go

By: Andrew B.

Lately, it seems like no can arrive to class on time. Whether it is new teachers still learning the system, seasoned teachers getting lost in their lesson plans, or students simply socializing in the halls, lateness has gotten worse. I personally have been late to classes, breaks, free periods, and even lunch! When kept past dismissal, it not only affects kids, but the parents who pick them up, bus drivers, coaches running a practice, or the fall drama rehearsals. In almost all of my classes a teacher has, on at least one occasion, questioned the lateness or the whereabouts of a student. The student’s reply is usually the same: “Oh, I was in XYZ class and Mr. or Ms. A kept us late.” Teachers will normally encourage students to speak up if the teacher is keeping students past the dismissal time, but most students are uncomfortable with the notion of informing a teacher infused in their own lesson that class is over.

Although some of the time lateness to a class is due to a teacher being stranded in an ancient civilization, forming a creative story, lost in a song, fighting through an epic historical battle, or in the midst of a science experiment, several occasions occur when it is indeed a student’s fault. Students’ socialization causes lateness majorly during the period after break and the period after lunch. They’re hyped up on sugar, in a club meeting, playing basketball, or simply losing track of time while making memories with friends. I can honestly say that I have arrived to a class late, or with just seconds to spare, due to my own chattiness. It’s easy to lose track of time when talking to a friend, just as easy as it is for a teacher to lose track of time while teaching what they love.


Despite lateness due to a teacher’s enthusiasm or a student’s social life, we have a solution to this problem and it goes “BRRRRRRINGGGGGGG!” A bell would not only take the pressure off students reminding a teacher when class is over, but it would also prompt students when they have to put the conversation on hold and pick up their books. It would put an end to students arguing that class ends at 10:25, not 10:30 so they gain an extra five minutes during break, and it would keep the flow of our seven period days running smoothly. Let’s face it no one wants to be late to their AP classes or miss the beginning of a class. No one wants to be reprimanded by a teacher. No one wants to be locked out of Lab B by Mr. Ahern! The schedule has allotted times frames for each class for a reason and a bell would help us stay on that schedule. Although no one wants to hear a bell go off at 8:30 in the morning, it’s worth the endurance if it means never being late to a class again.