Monthly Archives: May 2016

Class of 2016

By: Julia K. ’17

It’s that time of year again when we have to say goodbye to the seniors, the leaders of the Academy, and my best friends. I have gotten so close with the senior class this year and I am so proud of what they have accomplished as a whole. I am caught sitting with the senior class in their lounge at least once a day because I want to make each moment with them count. I hope that they will all stay in touch and have an absolutely amazing time at college.


Watching most of my closest friends graduate will be one of hardest things I’ll ever do, but I hope we can all keep our friendships thriving. Staten Island Academy will miss the Class of 2016 because of their amazing leadership skills and success in athletics and academics. It is going to be so sad to watch the seniors graduate but this means that my class has to step up and have a positive influence on the rest of the school. Thank you seniors for the endless laughs and memories that will stay with me forever.