Arabian Nights

This month, SIA presented its fall production of Arabian Nights adapted by Mary Zimmerman, a show which demonstrated the power and greatness in storytelling. The show’s protagonist, Scheherazade, displays the influence of storytelling as she tells hundreds of tales with all different morals to her counter, Shahryar, a troubled king whose heart shattered when he discovered his wife with another man. Scheherazade was able to take her book of tales and lead the King Shahryar back to light and hopefulness.

Although the rehearsal process became stressful and chaotic at times, as a cast, we worked together to help one another perform at our fullest potentials. While any SIA production is special, Arabian Nights was unique. Everyone had a role, a character to make their own. Most shows have leads, supporting roles, and then the ensemble, but Arabian Nights encompassed everyone, highlighting each individual’s talents. From live music to improvisation, Arabian Nights brought all areas of performing arts together for one marvelous production.

Mary B. ’20 and Kaleigh M. ’19