15 Years of House Competition

It may only be December, but our house competition is already well underway, and more competitive than ever. The spirit of house competitions at SIA is its own beast–vivcacious, lively, and at times, cutthroat. Kicking off the year with a bang, was our fall SAC day: a day in which we celebrated our different cultures by decorating booths, with each house representing a different country. Each house united to celebrate one common goal, being number one. Willard Mundorf house emerged victorious, followed by Methfessel, Merrick, Partington, and Stettinius houses respectively. As last year’s champions, this was a confidence boost for Willard Mundorf, however once all of the points were tallied, including those awarded to Methfessel for creating the best booth embodiment of their country, and those given to Merrick for crafting the most dazzlingly decorated pumpkin, Methfessel rose five points above Willard Mundorf, with Merrick merely 15 points below.

SAC Day 2018

The results from SAC day only fueled the fervor as we moved into our House volleyball competition. We all piled into the gym, and joined together in a competitive, but friendly game of volleyball, and after the haze of the cheering and posters and face paint all faded, Merrick house appeared the winner, Methfessel finishing second, Partington third, Willard Mundorf fourth, and Stettinius in fifth. Neck and neck, we went into the food drive, an event where we not only come together in our house families, but in our school family as a whole, and do something to help others. Methfessel house was the first to reach 100% participation, and all of the houses followed suit, although not reaching complete participation, they were still able to contribute to a worthy cause.

With March Madness just around the corner, our current standings have Merrick leading with 625 points, and Methfessel not far behind with 589. Willard-Mundorf rounds out the top 3 with 511 points, and is followed by Stettinius with 502, and Partington with 372. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings, and what House will ultimately emerge the winner. Will Willard-Mundorf be able to do it again? Or will a new house reign supreme? I do not know, but what I can tell you is that competitions at SIA truly encapsulate the Tiger spirit, and I am definitely looking forward to the joy and celebration in the events to come.

Madelyn D. ’21