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Girls’ Varsity Soccer

As we send the Girls’ Varsity Soccer seniors off after another successful soccer season, we reflect on memories made, games played, and victories won. This year, the season began with welcoming new players from the freshman and sophomore class. With an undying will to learn new skills and prosper in their respective positions, our team was able to rise to the occasion, even with fewer players than usual filling the roster. The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team came out strong with two subsequent wins that reflected the countless practices put in during preseason. After the long journey to Long Island to play a highly contested game against Stony Brook School, playing a person down, we held the opponent to a difference of only one goal, but were defeated. As we delved deeper into the season, winning some games and losing others, we made new additions to the team from the middle school and junior class. While we suffered difficult (but hard fought) losses against Portledge, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team worked together to gain a victory against Stony Brook. On the annual Senior Day, commemorating the graduation seniors – Sophia Mostovoy, Abigail Motley, and Alyssa Porazzo – the girls brought home a win. To end our season, however, fighting until the last second, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team lost in the semi-finals. Shedding some tears (and laughs), we said goodbye to the seniors, marking an end to the Girls’ Varsity Soccer season.

Olivia L. ’21

Arabian Nights

This month, SIA presented its fall production of Arabian Nights adapted by Mary Zimmerman, a show which demonstrated the power and greatness in storytelling. The show’s protagonist, Scheherazade, displays the influence of storytelling as she tells hundreds of tales with all different morals to her counter, Shahryar, a troubled king whose heart shattered when he discovered his wife with another man. Scheherazade was able to take her book of tales and lead the King Shahryar back to light and hopefulness.

Although the rehearsal process became stressful and chaotic at times, as a cast, we worked together to help one another perform at our fullest potentials. While any SIA production is special, Arabian Nights was unique. Everyone had a role, a character to make their own. Most shows have leads, supporting roles, and then the ensemble, but Arabian Nights encompassed everyone, highlighting each individual’s talents. From live music to improvisation, Arabian Nights brought all areas of performing arts together for one marvelous production.

Mary B. ’20 and Kaleigh M. ’19

Richmond the Turtle Finds His New Home

If you’ve walked past Alumni Hall during these past couple of months, you may have noticed a new addition to our campus. Once displayed in the Staten Island Children’s Museum, a vibrant colored turtle statue is now proudly displayed in front of Alumni Hall. You may also be asking yourself what a turtle has to do with Staten Island Academy, as our mascot is a tiger. The turtle, affectionately named Richmond, embodies much of what Staten Island Academy believes in.

Designed by Margot O’Brien Higgins, an alumna from the Class of 1983, Richmond was originally part of a contest. Earlier this year, the Richmond County Savings Bank hosted an art competition, in which sketches of animals were submitted for a chance to bring said sketch to life on a statue. Margot chose to enter a sea turtle sketch out of her love for the reptilian species. Once her piece was selected, R.C.S.B shipped in a white turtle statue, and left Margot to her creative ways. Margot adorned Richmond with vibrant colors, like green, blue, and purple. On his shell, you can see a variety of beautiful paintings, all displaying iconic places on Staten Island. The name Richmond came from Margot herself, as a fitting name to represent Staten Island.

Richmond the Turtle

After Richmond was completed, he was put into an auction as part of the contest’s fundraiser. Margot wanted Richmond to go somewhere special, where he would be appreciated, and what better place than Staten Island Academy? Margot got in contact with her fellow classmate, Mrs.Crane, and asked if the school would like to become the home for Richmond, and SIA was right on board. “In a school over 130 years old, our alumni base is one of the most important resources that we have, because they help to tell our history and keep us connected as our world changes around us.”

Margot always had an interest in the arts. During her time at Staten Island Academy, she engaged in many of the artistic opportunities offered. After graduating, she went on to become an illustration major in college. Ever since graduating art school, she has been creating and teaching art. Both of her daughters are artists. Margot’s passion for the arts is truly unmatched. A representation of everything that makes Staten Island unique, and an embodiment of Academy spirit, Richmond is our campus’ new prized possession. Next time you’re walking past Alumni Hall, be sure to take a look at Richmond, as he truly is a sight to see.

Heather W. ’21