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Senior Signature Project

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Everyone must have the childhood memory of being attacked by this cliché question during family gatherings. My answer was always “a scientist!”. Please refrain from accusing me of being corny or uncreative. Since I was first introduced to the world, I could not think of another profession that provides so much meaning and happiness in my life. Scientific advancements make concrete, tangible influences by increasing our quality of life and making comfort accessible to the general public. Biology, chemistry, geology, all these natural sciences appeal to me, yet astronomy and physics fascinate me most. I could gaze at the night sky for hours and just wonder about how the stars move and evolve in the grand mechanics of the universe. My curiosity towards the guiding principles of the world we live in compel me to explore the realm of astrophysics.

Research is both the foundation and future of science. Passionate about astrophysical phenomena, I have always dreamed to do research in the area. Yet, as limited in terms of my scientific knowledge and resources, I did not expect to substantiate my studies in high school. SIA challenged me to reevaluate my potentials. This year, as part of the first senior class to participate in the Senior Signature Project, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to invest in my academic interests through the development of a thesis during a year-long research project.

Frankly, the starting phase of the project was difficult for me, as I was overwhelmed with a dazzling array of topics of interest and the prospect of being able to fully develop any of them as a one-person endeavor. . Thanks to the tremendous help of Mr. Crane as the project moderator and Mr. DeCorato as my faculty advisor, I finally found an achievable project of great interests and influences: an interactive educational video series on astronomy and astrophysics, with special focus on stellar evolution. The popularization of science has been my driving purpose as both an aspiring science student and a volunteer teacher. To explain an abstract, challenging concept in accessible language, the videos aim to invoke the general community’s interests towards stars, galaxies, and the beginning and fate of the universe. Some of the topics included are star formation, supernovae, quasar, black hole and Big Bang.

The project has only been made possible with the most supportive faculty here at SIA. So many teachers have generously offered me technical help, professional suggestions, or the sweetest moral support. I am especially grateful for Mr. DeCorato, who volunteers to meet with me multiple times throughout the cycle and always manages to enlighten me with his help and advice. His patience, good energy, and dry humor keep me passionate and confident about my work. The heartfelt realization that he is “passing on the kindness he experienced here as a student” inspires me to continue to pass on this proud tiger tradition.

Luna W. ’19

Girls’ Varsity Soccer

As we send the Girls’ Varsity Soccer seniors off after another successful soccer season, we reflect on memories made, games played, and victories won. This year, the season began with welcoming new players from the freshman and sophomore class. With an undying will to learn new skills and prosper in their respective positions, our team was able to rise to the occasion, even with fewer players than usual filling the roster. The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team came out strong with two subsequent wins that reflected the countless practices put in during preseason. After the long journey to Long Island to play a highly contested game against Stony Brook School, playing a person down, we held the opponent to a difference of only one goal, but were defeated. As we delved deeper into the season, winning some games and losing others, we made new additions to the team from the middle school and junior class. While we suffered difficult (but hard fought) losses against Portledge, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team worked together to gain a victory against Stony Brook. On the annual Senior Day, commemorating the graduation seniors – Sophia Mostovoy, Abigail Motley, and Alyssa Porazzo – the girls brought home a win. To end our season, however, fighting until the last second, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team lost in the semi-finals. Shedding some tears (and laughs), we said goodbye to the seniors, marking an end to the Girls’ Varsity Soccer season.

Olivia L. ’21

Arabian Nights

This month, SIA presented its fall production of Arabian Nights adapted by Mary Zimmerman, a show which demonstrated the power and greatness in storytelling. The show’s protagonist, Scheherazade, displays the influence of storytelling as she tells hundreds of tales with all different morals to her counter, Shahryar, a troubled king whose heart shattered when he discovered his wife with another man. Scheherazade was able to take her book of tales and lead the King Shahryar back to light and hopefulness.

Although the rehearsal process became stressful and chaotic at times, as a cast, we worked together to help one another perform at our fullest potentials. While any SIA production is special, Arabian Nights was unique. Everyone had a role, a character to make their own. Most shows have leads, supporting roles, and then the ensemble, but Arabian Nights encompassed everyone, highlighting each individual’s talents. From live music to improvisation, Arabian Nights brought all areas of performing arts together for one marvelous production.

Mary B. ’20 and Kaleigh M. ’19