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Girls’ Varsity Soccer

As we send the Girls’ Varsity Soccer seniors off after another successful soccer season, we reflect on memories made, games played, and victories won. This year, the season began with welcoming new players from the freshman and sophomore class. With an undying will to learn new skills and prosper in their respective positions, our team was able to rise to the occasion, even with fewer players than usual filling the roster. The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team came out strong with two subsequent wins that reflected the countless practices put in during preseason. After the long journey to Long Island to play a highly contested game against Stony Brook School, playing a person down, we held the opponent to a difference of only one goal, but were defeated. As we delved deeper into the season, winning some games and losing others, we made new additions to the team from the middle school and junior class. While we suffered difficult (but hard fought) losses against Portledge, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team worked together to gain a victory against Stony Brook. On the annual Senior Day, commemorating the graduation seniors – Sophia Mostovoy, Abigail Motley, and Alyssa Porazzo – the girls brought home a win. To end our season, however, fighting until the last second, the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team lost in the semi-finals. Shedding some tears (and laughs), we said goodbye to the seniors, marking an end to the Girls’ Varsity Soccer season.

Olivia L. ’21

Varsity Cross Country

You may have seen a group of sweaty kids running laps around the soccer field or the campus. Have you ever won was SIA’s legendary Cross Country Team in action. This year, we were led by fearless captain Sam T. ‘19 and cross country enthusiast Ethan P. ’20 (yes, that is me). Though our Tigers didn’t win first place, they didn’t go home with their heads drowned in defeat. Our Tigers went home in triumph, having made major accomplishments this season. Through hard work and dedication (from most), each team member crossed the finish line at least five minutes less than they did for their first meet. From wearing short shorts to wondering if Gio and David were lost or kidnapped, our Cross Country Team bonded over many memorable experiences. Though the team will have to part with their captain since college is taking her away, they will carry on her legacy and continue sprinting across that finish line in Van Cortlandt Park.
Ethan P. ‘20